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About Logo

The unique logo for GCBP 2018 has been conceptualized from nest of the red tailed hawk which is a bird that flies high making determined efforts towards prey location. This is similar to the dedicated effort of neurobiologists who are highly focused on specific areas of research that serve as building blocks for neurobiology.

The red tailed hawk builds its nest painstakingly collecting twig by twig over long periods of time analogues to elementary research carried out for years by basic neuroscience experts that culminate into various neurobiological theories. The red tailed hawk usually lays 3 eggs in her nest. These 3 eggs in our logo are symbolic of how translational neurobiology serves to benefit clinical psychiatry and treatments stemming from biological , genetic and epigenetic, neuroendocrine/neuroinflammatory domains (represented by 3 eggs) that result in the positive of latest neurobiological hypothesis.

Message from Organising Committee

Dr. Avinash De Sousa (MD)
Organizing Secretary GCBP 2018

Dear Seniors, Teachers, Friends, Fellow IABP members and Colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you for the 3rd Global Conference of Biological Psychiatry to be held at Mumbai between 23rd and 26th August 2018.

Mumbai is called the ‘city of dreams’ and we have dreamed in this city to create one of the finest scientific and academic extravaganzas in biological psychiatry.

Tireless efforts are being made to have the best faculty deliver exemplary lectures and have clinical relevant workshops in the conference.

Please do attend the conference as your presence shall go a long way in ensuring that it is a rousing success.

Dr. Venu Gopal Jhanwar (MD)
Organizing Chairman GCBP 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a pleasure and honour to welcome you to the 3rd Global Conference of Biological Psychiatry to be held at Mumbai between 23rd and 26th August 2018.

It is with great commitment that the Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry presents this conference and have chosen the topic ‘Translational Neurobiology and Clinical Psychiatry’ with the aim of bringing biological psychiatry into your clinic and in your day to day patient care.

The city of Mumbai is the perfect setting for this scientific platform and I wish that all of you attend and be present at the event to add splendour to the occasion.

Secretariat Address

Dr. Avinash De Sousa
Organising Secretary GCBP 2018
Carmel 18, St. Francis Avenue,
Willingdon Colony, Off SV Road,
Santacruz (W), Mumbai- 400 054
Mobile: +91 9820696828

For queries related to registration
Ms. Amrita Sheth
Phone- 022 61053811
Email- info@gcbpindia.com

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