#GCBP2022 Topics

1. The promise of machine learning in predicting treatment outcomes in psychiatry

2. Role of ultrasound in treating psychiatric disorders

3. Genophenotypic factors and Pharmacogenetics in Adverse Drug Reactions in Psychiatry

4. Can Psychotropic Use protect from COVID-19

5. The Role of Carnosine in Brain Related Disorders

6. Powerful but not used - The Story of Ketamine

7. Gabapentenoids and Psychiatry

8. Retinoids and Schizophrenia

9. Coagulation systems and Schizophrenia

10. Magic and Cognitive Neurosciences

11. Inflammatory Biomarkers in Addictive Disorders

12. The post COVID brain - impact and inference

13. Nutraceuticals and Phytoceuticals in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

14. The Role of Virtual Reality in Managing Anxiety Disorders

15. Normality and Completeness in Mental Health

16. The Interface of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience

17. Neuromodulation in Treatment Resistant OCD

18. The Future of Psychiatry - can Robots replace us

19. The Pineal Gland and Neuropsychiatry

20. Sleep Disorders and Neurobiology Update

21. Epilepsy and the brain behavior interface

22. Cognition and Clinical Psychiatry: the outcome paradigm - making it a predictor of recovery

23. Recent advances in Child and Adolescent Depression

24. Neurobiological Insights in Adult ADHD

25. Neurobiological Trajectories of Child Sexual Abuse

26. Does Grief have a Distinct Neurobiology

27. Neurobiology of Dancing: critical insights